West of Broadway Classics


Mrs. Scrooge

Mrs. Scrooge the Musical

Description: Create a recipe for fun and laughter and join us in this high-energy interactive re-telling of Dickens's Christmas Carol as it's never been told before! Take one very spoiled Mrs. Scrooge, a couple of mischievous Angels, sprinkle with grumpy Christmas ghosts. Blend in an audience full of snow-ball throwing angels and what do you get? The perfect family holiday show!






Bunny Tales Episode IV

Bunny Tales Episode IV

Description: Peter Rabbit's not a baby bunny anymore. He's mad, he's bad, and he's taking back the cabbage patch once and for all. Peter is on a mission to terrorize retired Sgt. McGregor, once a great leader now reduced to watching wrestling and playing with his only friend, an overstuffed life-sized bunny. Peter starts a vegetable warfare in revenge for his father's disappearance in Sgt. McGregor's vegetable garden. "Bunny Tales" is interactive theater that will engage both kids and parents alike. Audiences are encouraged to join the fun on stage throughout the show.




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huck Huck

Description: Huck Description: Huck doesn't realize how good his life with Widow Douglas is, until he and Jim run off in search of treasure and adventure, only to end up captured by bumbling musical villains, "Prince" and "The King." Forced to work in their bad magic act, it looks like Huck and Jim will never be free. Until Mark Twain, himself, and Huck's pal, Tom Sawyer, show up to enlist the help of the audience to launch a vegetable attack on the scam artists. Together everyone helps Huck and Jim escape; stand up to Pap Finn, and make the long journey home. Huck is a high-energy good-time with plenty of opportunities for the audience to be a part of the show.



red chiefRed Chief

Description:  Red Chief is every adult's Halloween nightmare - an eight-year-old boy, all sugared up and ready to roll. He proves to be a handful for Bill and Sam, two down-on-their-luck guys who become his unwitting babysitters one Halloween evening.