Stuart Krasnow, Board Member

In 2005 Krasnow signed a ‘pod’ deal with Fremantle Media North America to launch his own company, Stuart Krasnow Productions. Under his new banner, Krasnow has obtained original series commitments from SciFi Network (Medium at Large) and Oxygen (Janice Dickinson Agency), and has set up other original projects with WB, Spike, Bravo, and Paramount Domestic Television. In addition, Krasnow has served as executive producer of WB’s series Survival of the Richest, and CBSí series, Gameshow Marathon.

In 2004 Krasnow produced two documentaries for Showtime about trans-gendered people: The Opposite Sex, which follows a man becoming a woman, and a woman becoming a man. In addition, while under an overall deal at NBC, Krasnow executive- produced the hit shows The Weakest Link with Anne Robinson; Dog Eat Dog; 25 Million Dollar Hoax; America’s Most Talented Kid; Cold Turkey for PAX and the popular Average Joe franchise.

Prior to serving as executive producer of The Martin Short Show in 1999-2000, Krasnow launched and was executive producer of Twentieth Televisionís successful Forgive or Forget, starring Mother Love. Krasnowís other credits include work in various production capacities for NBC’s Today and Dateline.
Krasnow also served as supervising producer of the Emmy Award-winning talk show Ricki Lake (from its inception in 1993 to 1996). Later, as part of an overall production deal with ABC, he served as executive consultant for The View, and also was responsible for developing and producing new programming for the network’s daytime and primetime schedules.

Krasnow began his career as a researcher at CNN and was later promoted to senior producer for Showbiz Today. Krasnow eventually moved to CBS This Morning as an associate producer, and then signed on as a senior talent coordinator for Late Night with David Letterman. Eventually, Krasnow became a senior producer of The Joan Rivers Show and executive producer of The Mommies.

Krasnow resides in Los Angeles with his Chihuaha, Derby. Stuart is a graduate of Washington University