Ivy Isenberg, Board Member

Ivy Isenberg has worked in entertainment for the past decade. She started out in the literary world working in development for an independent film production company and later represented writers.

Enticed by the frantic pace of the talent world, Ivy switched from representing writers to managing actors and has stayed in the talent world ever since. While in management, she worked with actors in shows such as FELICITY and BECKER, and actors that starred in features such as CABIN FEVER and CLUELESS.

Ivy Isenberg has been in casting for the last seven years, starting out working for the in-house casting company at MGM Television. She now currently runs her own casting company and juggles feature and television projects simultaneously.

Previous credits for MGM Studios include multiple seasons of Showtime’s DEAD LIKE ME and JEREMIAH, six seasons of STARGATE SG-1 as well as its spin-off, STARGATE ATLANTIS. She has cast celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka and Zach Quinto from “Heroes;” rappers such as Ludacris, Sir-Mix-A-Lot and Snoop Dogg; and superstars like Scarlett Johansson, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Charlize Theron.

Ivy is currently casting a series for the Independent Film Channel, produced by Kevin Spacey’s company Triggerstreet called “The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman,” Seth Green’s series “Robot Chicken” on Adult Swim and multiple features that will be shooting all over the country and the world!