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Platinum ($10,000 or more)

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Schirtzer Family Trust


Gold ($5,000 or more)

Phil Frengs, COPI-Solutions


Silver ($1,000 or more)

North Hollywood Church  of Religious Science

Jeff Seckendorf

Shannon & John Quinn

Quinn Emmanuel

Richard Schirtzer

John Quinn

Ana Rodriguez

Megann Kerr


Dickens ($500 or more) 

Cassis Travel Services

Randy Stark

Darby Stanchfield

Janice Vasquez

Disney Studios

Linda L. Kerr

Edgemar Center for the Arts

Michelle Danner

Alexandra Guarnieri

Ralphs Grocery

Sarnoff Court Reporters & Legal Technologies

Michael S. Shortal


Twain ($100 or more)

Celsius Drink

Brett Greene

Bella Vita

Carolyn Gribben

Lori Payne

Jennifer Bolger

Desert Sun

Myriam Diaz J

akks Pacific

Michael Hillman

Jane Mandy

Mark & Carlene McCool

The Nail Box

Kathy Higgins

Laura Robbins

Oliver Peoples

Priya Sopori

Mary Wilson,

Starbucks Coffee Company

USA Transportation Co

Kim Matthews

Edith and Larry Namm


Potter ($50 or more) 

Sherry Burrus

Jim & Farima Damavandi

Malibu Accupuncture & Herbs

Marie Ferro

Roxanne & Michael Manuel

Shelly Meyers

Janice & Bruce Miller

Now Messenger

Dave Quinta


O'Henry ($25 or more)

William Cates

Diesel Bookstore

Fast Frame

Malibu Seafood

Malibu Shaman

Laura Robbins

Rock Star Malibu

Sharon Rosner

Sterling Publishing

Andrianna Shamaris

Toy Crazy Malibu